APX 500
General Hi-Performance






Similar in size to an s500, GT47-GT55 or Holset HX60, the APX 500 offers unmatched power and speed for general hi-performance cars, sled pulling trucks and tractors and drag racing..

Boasting a dual Apex™ Wheel, a machined pressure port, T4 or T6 divided turbine housing and T4 or T6 undivided turbine housing, the 500 also comes with an aluminum center section and backing plate, a stainless steel heat shield, a triple ceramic ball bearing with steel cage, twin piston shields, stainless steel v-band turbine housing, optional custom map groove enhancement and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Call 734.777.1380 for exact pricing.


Compressor Range:  66- 99 (mm), 2.6 – 3.9 (in)

Turbine Range: 76 – 102 (mm), 3.0 – 4.0 (in)

The manufacturer’s warranty covers manufacturers defects, including machining defects and ball bearing defects. The warranty does not include misuse or environmental defects due to extreme use typical with motorsports. The warranty does not include extreme housings pairings not recommended by the manufacturer.


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