Revolutionizing the truck, tractor and sled-pulling industry, the team at ApexTurbo continues to lap the competition when it comes to high-performance turbochargers.

Established in Maybee, Michigan, ApexTurbo introduced their ground-breaking turbocharger to the racing community in Indianapolis at the 2019 Performance Racing Industry show.

ApexTurbo earned its name for its unique fastener-free compressor and turbine wheel designs and geometry, improving air flow and increasing horsepower.

Making power the point, their patented design eliminates the intake valve fastener and, by locking the compressor wheel to the hub, removes the need for torquing and over tightening. As an added bonus, it’s also easier to service.

The company’s high-powered turbochargers first shook up the racing world in 2020, when clients began using their turbos at the NTPA Winter National in Cloverdale, Indiana.

During this event, the turbochargers delivered as promised helping racers place in the top three for tractors at the Super Farm class in Louisville.

The cutting-edge turbocharger continued its reign at an indoor circuit in 2021, winning the NTPA Spring Nationals in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Using American parts, the customizable turbos have been sold around the world, with current customers in Europe, Bahrain, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Whether you’re into tractor and sled pulling or look to join the competitive drag racing or snowmobile circuit, ApexTurbo’s dyno-tested technology delivers the power you need, with eight different designs to choose from.

ApexTurbo’s innovative designs already hold two U.S. patents, with additional international patents pending and being filed.

While it was Ryan and Deena’s initial idea, the team agrees they could not have done it without the relentless drive for improvement they received from their clients.

With dedication to the craft and a winning attitude, the people at ApexTurbo are in your corner when you’re looking to add power and speed when you need it most.

For more information about high-performance turbochargers from the experts at ApexTurbo, please contact us here or call us directly at 734.777.1380.